Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lolita Wishlist/Checklist ^ ^

I've never really made a wishlist before, and I recently realized
that I already had been working on obtaining some of the items I really wanted x3
So here it is written out:
(Those with the check next to it means I have it!)

☑ Jewelry Jelly JSK in mint or lavender
☑ Whip Magic JSK in dark pink
☑ Milky-Chan the fawn SK/JSK/OP in white
☒ Dreamy Dollhouse SK/JSK/OP in mint or lavender
☒ Happy Garden OP in blue or lavender
☒ Wonder Cookie SK/JSK in blue or white

That's the order in which I am working on them :)
I currently am bidding on Milky-Chan, 
so if I win that, I get to check it off my list!
So once all of these are in my possession, I consider my
ideal lolita wardrobe complete ^ ^

Edit: Milky-Chan the Fawn is mine! <3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The day we met Moot meet coordinate XD

Hi again! ^ ^ I got together with some lovely ladies for an awesome meet! It was totally random, and Moot the creator of 4chan happened to be there too, and we said hi xD He recognized us as the "CGL girls" which I thought was funny. I've personally met him before, but not in loli, so it was kind of cool to have him compliment our coords and know about the fashion! This was my outfit for the day:

Cutsew, Hoodie, Scrunchie, Bag, Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Jacket: Hellcatpunks
Socks, Headband: BTSSB
Boots: Offbrand

I've been really into old school Angelic Pretty, and so I've been scooping up everything I can find on the auctions. They go for much less too, since they aren't as popular and in demand. For example, the skirt was about 20USD! I just love getting a good deal x3

Friday, January 7, 2011

Went out to eat!

I got to wear my Christmas present today! My old roommate from college came all the way to NY to visit (from California!) We went to get some noodles and she wanted to dress loli too-  since she said she always sees lolis in california and loves the fashion but is too scared to say anything. Pictures of her coming soon <3 I hope after this she has enough courage to say hi to the west coast lolis x3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally! Some time to post :D

I've been soooo busy lately but I finally have some time 
to show off what I've been up to I suppose ^ _^

My new Loli corner :P I arranged it all nice <3 And finally 
managed to get a dressform! Yay!

My prized crown jewel ; ^; Jewelry Jelly by Angelic Pretty!
This has been my dream dress for ages and now I have it T^T
I swear I can stare at the print and get lost in it...
It was a gift from my Boyfriend and that makes it even more special to me.
I cannot thank him enough @_@ <3 

Also, as a new year's resolution, I am planning to wear more lolita!
My wardrobe has grown so much since I started in '07 and I'm ready to
dedicate a little more time to it. Something that has been with me
this long and has kept inspiring me definitely deserves the time.

Happy New Year's, everyone!