Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's bash at Kinokuniya!

Here I am with Nina- Chan~
And I finally got to wear Milky-Chan the Fawn! So cute * 0*
We got to design sneakers too... Unfortunately we were on a time limit so I didn't get
to take a good snap of my sweets design = 3= I didn't win anyway,
as it was being hosted by HipHop USA and they were
looking for less cutesy designs XD

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update! Long time no post~

It's been quite a while! I've been super busy with classes and work, but now I have a little bit of free time, yay! To start things off, My 21st birthday at Rose House was simply amazing * u* so many wonderful people came, and we had an awesome time! Didn't get a chance to take a full body picture though D; Here's my makeup and dyed bangs:
big eyes! xD aaaand my package came in time for Katsucon >w< hehe here's what I got!