Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally! Some time to post :D

I've been soooo busy lately but I finally have some time 
to show off what I've been up to I suppose ^ _^

My new Loli corner :P I arranged it all nice <3 And finally 
managed to get a dressform! Yay!

My prized crown jewel ; ^; Jewelry Jelly by Angelic Pretty!
This has been my dream dress for ages and now I have it T^T
I swear I can stare at the print and get lost in it...
It was a gift from my Boyfriend and that makes it even more special to me.
I cannot thank him enough @_@ <3 

Also, as a new year's resolution, I am planning to wear more lolita!
My wardrobe has grown so much since I started in '07 and I'm ready to
dedicate a little more time to it. Something that has been with me
this long and has kept inspiring me definitely deserves the time.

Happy New Year's, everyone!



  1. :D it looks wonderful!

    and lucky you, that is so sweet! ^.^

  2. your lolita corner is sooo cuuute :3