Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lolita Wishlist/Checklist ^ ^

I've never really made a wishlist before, and I recently realized
that I already had been working on obtaining some of the items I really wanted x3
So here it is written out:
(Those with the check next to it means I have it!)

☑ Jewelry Jelly JSK in mint or lavender
☑ Whip Magic JSK in dark pink
☑ Milky-Chan the fawn SK/JSK/OP in white
☒ Dreamy Dollhouse SK/JSK/OP in mint or lavender
☒ Happy Garden OP in blue or lavender
☒ Wonder Cookie SK/JSK in blue or white

That's the order in which I am working on them :)
I currently am bidding on Milky-Chan, 
so if I win that, I get to check it off my list!
So once all of these are in my possession, I consider my
ideal lolita wardrobe complete ^ ^

Edit: Milky-Chan the Fawn is mine! <3


  1. I really need to cut down my wishlist. I have too much stuff on it, and no means of getting a hold of any of it for the time being.

  2. I really thought hard about what was realistically possible in a wishlist that I wanted to actually fulfill :) So after much thinking, I cut myself down to the 6 prints that I liked most that I could afford with the amount of money I make. So even though I'd like to have milky planet, there's no way I would pull that much money out for a dress. For me it's all about compromise between what's affordable and what I like best, so that both my paycheck and wardrobe look nice while also fulfilling my wishlist!

  3. Compromise is great :D

    I used to have a bunch of rare JM prints on my wishlist...then I was like LOL NEVER GONNA HAPPEN