Friday, December 10, 2010

Sanrio 50th Anniversary Tour Bus

So today was sort of a weird day ._. ;
On the way down to herald square to see the Hello Kitty mobile store, 
I noticed that my phone and keys were missing >_<
I'm almost certain it was those two guys who were eyeing me...
anyways, I got to the store and got some goodies that made me feel better <3
Onto the piccies!

Me and My Melody <3
I look a bit frazzled XD It was so cold!

Smart Car! * 0*

Next to the mobile store~

What I bought:
~Sanrio 50th Anniversary: A History of Sanrio
~Hello Kitty Mighty wallet made from Tyvek
~Hello Kitty 16 month calendar :D

What I got for free! Everyone loved my outfit so they gave me a bunch of goodies like
a $10 dollar target gift card, stickers, lip gloss, notebooks candies, and bubbles~
So all in all, even though I was pick pocketed,
I had a fun time ^_^

Monday, December 6, 2010

AP San Fran Lucky Pack

SO. I forgot to mention that I managed to snag one of the lucky packs 
when their new web store opened.
I ordered Thursday night, and it came today! o _o
Contents: 1 Dot Sherbet Lavender (❤) JSK, 1 pink glittery heart necklace,
 1 pair of bright pink overknee socks with lace

I love the JSK! It has one of the milky planet ice cream broaches on the front, 
and has very very cute plastic glittery hearts all along the front bow that match the necklace! I also had been longing for lavender- so this was a total surprise :D
I didn't want to wear the socks because they look so new and clean xD;
Overall, I am super happy with my pack! ^-^

International Lolita Day!

Here are my Pictures from ILD!
I Had TONS of fun and sweets @_@ boy was I stuffed
More Piccys:

My and my Wifey, Yanise

Trying to decide on a tea! 

 With my hunny <3


With coats! It was so cold >_<