Sunday, May 8, 2011

Uki Uki nights at Japan Society!

I decided to wear lolita to Uki Uki nights~ I wore my brand new Little Bear's Cafe replica<3
I realized that my hair has gotten quite long ( o wo).
Afterwards, we decided to do a little walking and we went to times square. I ended up buying some pink lipstick at MAC x3 I had seen Misako's makeover video on youtube and wanted to get the same shade * 0*


  1. oh my god, you look soooo adorable!
    you make the pink colourway look so cute and tempting o:

  2. pretty clothes and hair style! I cannot really see the necklace you wore, was that a bear? Looks cute:)

  3. I find that the pink colorway is very versatile! It still has browns and greens but it's not overpowering.
    and the necklace is one of MintyMix's Cupcake necklaces! :3
    she stocks up regularly here: