Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh me, OH MY! Taobao Cheapies~

Well! It seems I have lost track of this blog a bit. (School has been a total timewhore)
But at least now that finals are coming to an end, and some beautiful weather has started, I'll definitely be posting more. Especially since I ordered some new things as well. ;3
Old school lolita has totally won me over again, and so I ordered this really awesome bonnet from a little store called Chess Story that sells accessories on Taobao.
It's just looks so wonderful ; w;
and the best part about it is that it was only around 16 USD * 0* I really love great prices in lolita. Their store also sells some very cute straw bonnets, headbows, jewelry and wristcuffs, so anyone interested should check their little shop out:
I also ended up picking up one of these:
Which are only 6 USD on promotion right now!
And they have 4 different colors to choose from. If you go into "all bags" you'll probably notice that they have replicas of Angelic Pretty's bow bags too! In my opinion these look better than the ones sold on Dream of Lolita's taobao store. Here's the link:
Anyways, I'm off. I hope I have inspired other lolis to look for cheap deals as well!


  1. I know! Taobao has some really great deals :3 It's not uncommon for things to be this cheap on Taobao, eyelash packs of 10 cost about 2 dollars, and wigs can be low as 4 dollars :D