Friday, December 10, 2010

Sanrio 50th Anniversary Tour Bus

So today was sort of a weird day ._. ;
On the way down to herald square to see the Hello Kitty mobile store, 
I noticed that my phone and keys were missing >_<
I'm almost certain it was those two guys who were eyeing me...
anyways, I got to the store and got some goodies that made me feel better <3
Onto the piccies!

Me and My Melody <3
I look a bit frazzled XD It was so cold!

Smart Car! * 0*

Next to the mobile store~

What I bought:
~Sanrio 50th Anniversary: A History of Sanrio
~Hello Kitty Mighty wallet made from Tyvek
~Hello Kitty 16 month calendar :D

What I got for free! Everyone loved my outfit so they gave me a bunch of goodies like
a $10 dollar target gift card, stickers, lip gloss, notebooks candies, and bubbles~
So all in all, even though I was pick pocketed,
I had a fun time ^_^