Sunday, November 21, 2010

Frosting rings...

I had extra deco goodies, so I made these really quickly when I was bored XD
They came out pretty good! I tried giving each of them a different color scheme so
 that I could coordinate them with different outfits. :3
Also, a big thanks to everyone who started following me x3 <3
I appreciate it!
Cute Bunny Graphics


  1. Those look deliciously adorable!

  2. Omg so cuuuuuute~!
    Did you make the little gingerbread or was it just a little trinket that you happened to have?

  3. Thanks!!! The little gingerbread man is from a store near me called Tohoshoji :) Sort of like a Japanese crafts store- they have their own deco section!

  4. wow those are lovely! do you sell them?